Digital Wellbeing Schools

The Digital Well-being – Schools project carried out the first randomised trial in Italy on the efficacy of media education. The impact of a systematic media education course was tested in a sample of randomly selected classes, compared with a control sample.

The “Digital Well-being” project is the product of research work carried out by a research group in the department of Sociology and Social Research at the University of Milano– Bicocca. The project was developed and completed thanks to being selected in the “Innovation Project Grant” tender held by the University. This is another way in which Bicocca aims to promote the importance of the research work carried out within the University, and to transform it into added value for the local area.

In the case of “Digital Well-being”, the funding obtained by Bicocca was matched by Fastweb, a partner that has been working with the University on digital competence for some years now. We should highlight the fact that this project has resulted in cooperation between the University and many schools in the area.